Red Riding Hood & Year 3

Posted: 1st November 2017

Boys were assembled in the Mezzanine (a wonderful space to be creative and teach and learn) and a discussion was begun on Traditional Tales, where they came from and why there are many versions of the same story.  During this, the boys were told that the space had been double booked and people would be coming and going, and not to get too distracted by it (a ploy!).  Miss Merrett then started to read the story of Little Red Riding Hood.   During the Big Bad Wolf part, ‘Wolfy’ appeared, very miserable, trying to tell his side of the story and that Miss Merrett’s version was incorrect!  After much haggling, Miss Merrett continued the story until she came to the part where Little Red Riding Hood exclaims about the size of eyes and teeth etc.  At this point, Little Red Riding Hood entered the room, extremely peeved.  How could she, a strong independent woman (not girl!) mistake her best friend ‘Wolfy’ for her Gammy!  Ridiculous.  And she let everyone know exactly what happened.  Between grumpy Miss Hood and malaising Wolfy, the boys, by this time, were in hysterics, asking many questions of the visitors. 

A very excited Year 3 returned to their classes to discuss parodies, ending with watching a Minecraft parody of the song ‘Creeper’ to illustrate the point.  See your local Year 3 display boards for subsequent creative writing!

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