Shell Visit Lookout Discovery Centre, Bracknell

Posted: 10th April 2018

We arrived and headed straight for the hands-on exhibits. The water area was very popular with the boys working out how to move boats up and down the channel by turning the taps to make the water flow in certain ways. They also created whirlpools and bubbles by pushing levers and twisting wheels.

In the light and sound area, they were fascinated by the plasma ball. “It follows my hand wherever it goes,” said Fred. Even Mrs Smith enjoyed a little boogie, following the lights on the dance floor! And the boys were fascinated by the heat detectors as they warmed themselves up with a hairdryer.

In the main exhibition hall, making helicopters and flying them over the fan caused great excitement. Atticus said, “Wow, mine is going to touch the ceiling!” The boys also managed to float a ball in an airstream and play an enormous piano. But could anyone work out how to open the treasure chest?

After our packed lunch –  always a highlight for many – we listened to a talk about Humans and Animals and created our own very strange, new creature, with the head of a shark, the body of a turtle and the legs of a giraffe… not forgetting the bunny ears and the wings.

We finished the day with a lovely romp in the adventure playground where the boys bounced, climbed and swung until it was time to board the coach once more. The journey home was a quiet one as several boys nodded off after a successful first outing in Shell.


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