An Unforgettable Encounter

Posted: 2nd August 2018

It was a once in a lifetime privilege for me to meet the world class maestro Mischa Maisky at the Royal Academy of Music on Monday evening. He held a brilliant three hour masterclass. He considers himself as a citizen of the world: he wears a Swiss watch,  Indian necklace, Japanese clothes. He has an Italian Cello, a French and German bow and uses Austrian strings. All his children were born in various different countries.

He feels at home wherever classical music is celebrated. He challenged the students to play beyond the score and emotionally charge their music but still remain stylistically correct. He inspired me so much to think, listen and learn the art of musical communication with live audiences.

I loved to watch him play. He becomes one with the cello and has an immense control of the instrument. His interpretations are also a reflection of the difficult life he had as a young man.

I was very lucky to have him sign my booklet at the end and take a photo as well which I will treasure all my life. Mischa Maisky is my musical idol.

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