Snippets of the Week

Posted: 12th July 2020

2C shopped 'till they dropped at the LPA Christmas Fayre!
Year 2 have been investigating right angles in the classroom. They had the extra challenge to find obtuse and acute angles!
Year 1 on their way to the Christmas Fayre.
Year 1 conducted an interview with Mr Freeman Day and learnt lots of interesting facts about him.
It’s Christmas party time!  Shell P enjoyed pulling their crackers and eating  their delicious party food whilst listening to Christmas songs.
2C having Christmas fun! Making Christmas cards and watching the Pied Piper Theatre.
Shell P were so excited to visit the Christmas fayre to pick presents for their families.
2J at the Christmas fayre.
2J making Christmas cards.
Year 2's Christmas party.
Christmas jigsaw designs by 2J.


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