King’s Lecture

Posted: 7th February 2021

We were delighted to welcome families from throughout Surrey and beyond to this term’s online King’s Lecture. 

With record numbers attending, the event – despite the remote nature of it – proved a great success as entrepreneur Chika Russell delivered a talk entitled Overcoming diversity and becoming included, which chimed with so much of the messaging of the RGS in the current climate.  She told the story of her journey: the influence of her African childhood and the time spent with family and friends sharing food, to the launch of CHIKA’S snacks which encapsulate Iyanu, the Nigerian word for amazing.  As she noted, her consumers are taken on a taste adventure which is full of flavour, joy and Iyanu goodness.  In addition, she described her passionate support for girls’ education through World Vision, helping the girls of today to become the strong women of tomorrow.  Chika spoke of the importance of tenacity and resilience, of the centrality of diversity, inclusion and equity, as she noted: “Diversity provides the scope to express the talents and interests of many and this makes society more complete, open, innovative and progressive.”  A succession of take-away messages resonated, which were all the more impactful in the current climate.  As Chika said, “Life is not always about waiting for the storm to pass; it is about learning to dance in the rain.”

A rapid-fire Question and Answer session covered a range of topics from business to equality, from motivation to Brexit.  An excellent Vote of Thanks by Kiran Wright brought to a close a genuinely inspiring and thought-provoking evening, and prompted homes throughout Surrey and beyond to nip out to stock-up on CHIKA’S snacks!

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