Brave the Shave

Posted: 31st August 2021

It was an extraordinary email that dropped into Mrs Turnbull’s inbox during the summer holidays.  One of our own rising-Year Sevens had written to ask permission to join Brave The Shave in order to raise awareness of cancer, its treatment and the fantastic work of the MacMillan Cancer Support.  Of course, Mrs Turnbull agreed.  How altruistic of one so young.

So it was, on Friday 30th September 2017, that Jasper Hilton, joined by Emma from MacMillan Cancer Support, his Mum and barber Steve gallantly undertook to have his whole head shaved for this worthy cause.  Whilst Jasper left to ‘spend time’ with the barber, Emma explained that the charity supported people with cancer, and those affected by it, in many ways: from medical staff in the form of doctors, nurses and dieticians, to circulating information via leaflets and the Big Green Bus, to a 24-hour advice line for sufferers and those affected by loved ones suffering, and grants to aid those unable to work.  We learned that just £27 pays for a MacMillan nurse for one hour. 

Jasper returned wearing a funky bobble hat.  Silence ensued.  A collective lump in the throat created. It was a visual that no one could deny was emotive and selfless.  He spoke eloquently about why he wanted to perform this act of kindness.  He, and 23, 240 others, were having their heads shaved in order stand together with cancer sufferers who bear the ‘I’ve had chemotherapy’ standard of being bald.  Cancer is traumatic enough, and then to lose all your hair as a side effect of your treatment is distressing.  Jasper wanted to de-stigmatise their baldness by joining them, raising money to help fund their care in the process.  He spoke eloquently; he was poised and honest in his delivery.  Jasper then revealed his head to the whole school; he had not even seen his new ‘do’ himself!  How courageous.  What a public-spirited, benevolent act.  Jasper is aiming to raise £360.  This amount could fund a large MacMillan Centre for a day.  This was a humbling experience for all; one which, I am sure, many will not forget.  Well done Jasper.

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