House Shout Competition

Posted: 31st August 2021

Each year, the House Shout competition draws to a close the House Music competition.  Each House chooses a song from a genre and they rehearse the song to perform at the end of the term. 

The standard this year was exceptional. The enthusiasm and confidence the boys had singing in front of an audience made the decision of choosing an overall winner extremely difficult. The chosen genre the songs came from this year were songs from animated movies.

Windsor house started singing 'The Bare Necersessites' from the Jungle Book. York then followed with a rendition of 'I Just Can't Wait to be King' which was written for The Lion King.  Tudor then performed the song 'Everyone Wants to be a Cat'  from The Aristocats before Lancaster finished off the performances singing 'You've Got a Friend in Me' from the Toy Story movies.


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