Park Barn Food Drop

Posted: 31st August 2021

Once we had finished unloading, they took us inside to explain what the food bank was about and other points that were worth knowing. They gave us some delicious homemade carrot cake as well! We were fascinated by all of the things that Ann (the manageress) told us about.

Once we finished eating and drinking, Ann led us to where they stock all the food. They have different boxes for different foods and had sorted the food out very neatly. Ann also explained two things:-

One was about how a generous man who owns 200 chickens, and, as he can’t keep all of his produce he donates some fresh eggs to the Food Bank. Ann said that this was the only fresh food that they have.

She also told us about a person who produces his own vegetables and on Wednesdays and Fridays, when the Food Bank is open, he gives them to the Food Bank.

 They are now starting to collect items for Christmas (mainly turkeys, mince pies or Christmas gifts, for example toys) and any donations for Christmas would be greatly appreciated.

We were extremely lucky to see what happened to all of the food that Lanesborough donated to the Food Bank. The visit made us think about how lucky we are to have the food we eat daily.

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