Printing Investigation November 2016

Posted: 31st August 2021

A monoprint involves the use of plate glass, with printing ink on top of it and you can draw directly into the ink and take a print of it or place paper over the top of it and draw on to the paper. You can even place a plain piece of paper on top of the ink and your drawing on top of that and draw through two sheets of paper… Actually, what you can do with this technique is endless!

A collagraph is created by building up layers of ‘stuff’ onto a piece of board and you can then make rubbings of this or you can ink it up and print from it or roll it into the ink on the plate glass and take a print of that… Again, what you can do with this technique is also endless!

There were no ‘finished’ pieces, as it were, from today other than the investigations themselves which were put together in the form of a sketchbook. The boys produced a tremendous amount of work and the day was absolutely superb. I was so proud of what they achieved.

Click here for the full gallery.

Well done boys!

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