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Posted: 31st August 2021

1J have studied the story of The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. They painted pictures of a stormy night and interviewed Mr Grinling about his adventures and daring escape from the lighthouse during a terrible storm. They designed a 'net' that could be constructed into a basket to carry Mr Grinling's lunch from the cottage to the lighthouse.
1J have been discussing different ways to save our world. They made windmills to think about alternative methods of creating energy.
2W designing their own mosaic Easter cards.
During half term, Eddie Wilson visited the war memorial of his Great Great Uncle, in France, on the 100th anniversary of his death in the First World War. He gave a talk to all of Year 3.
4E assembly for St David's Day.
Year 4 learning to translate shapes in four quadrants.
Year 5 History: Joseph L was our guest teacher and ran a quiz on the Obas of Benin for the whole class.
We are studying settlements in Year 4. Today we were looking at local settlements.
World Book Day. Year 5 talking to Year 2 about favourite authors and their love of stories!
Shell P enjoying a game of Tag in the sports hall this week.
Year 3 French: The boys are working on a food topic.


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