Snippets of the Week

Posted: 31st August 2021

1J are working as scientists to record seasonal changes that occur in our playground.
Year 1 are studying 'Peter and the Wolf' in music. The bassoon plays the Grandfather's theme tune. Former pupil, Ben Cunningham, came in to show the boys his bassoon, measuring it against Lucas in 1D.
2H making electrical circuits – noisy buzzers and flashing lights!
Year 7 boys visit Parliament at Westminster on a very auspicious day!
1J have made Easter cards for their family. The crosses remind us of Jesus and how he gave his life for us.
What an amazing time we had in 3S celebrating Book Week.  Here are 3S settling down to enjoy their new books following the class “Book Swap” and in all their glory!
5W are in the process of publishing fables. They have written these with Year 2 as their intended audience and will share these with the younger boys at the end of term!
Year 3 cooperative rally.
6T have been exploring the importance of balance in their lives in PSHCE!
The Iron Man – A Year 4 library lesson.
Year 4 strings.
5D enjoying  making their Easter nests
Year 8 carry out a titration using a burette in science.
Year 7 calculate the stored energy in a crisp.
2H having fun in Boyzone with a water measuring game.
The boys in Nursery enjoyed planting seeds for their vegetable garden, they had already successfully grown broad beans.


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