Year 3 Activities Week 2018

Posted: 31st August 2021

Day 1 and Day 2: the Residential

The boys had a wonderful time during the first two days. The residential to the YHA South Downs was, for many, their first experience staying away from home. The boys were brilliant and enjoyed all the activities on offer.

When we arrived, they went on a hike up the chalky hills onto the South Downs. Many were surprised by just how steep the hills were! In their classes they had some group challenges to complete before sitting down with the beautiful backdrop for a much-needed lunch. 

In the afternoon, the boys had 3 different activities to enjoy. Archery, orienteering and learning some bushcraft skills kept the boys entertained and enthused in the glorious Sussex sunshine.

After a delicious dinner, the boys worked in teams to carry one chosen member of the class through an obstacle course before sitting down around a campfire to drink hot chocolate before bedtime.

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Day 3: Roman Day

The boys looked fantastic dressed in their roman outfits. The day began with a hugely interesting chat about how the Roman empire began to take over Britain. Splitting into 3 separate groups, the boys then looked at many different artefacts, tried the Delta activity or researched information to answer the Roman quiz.

After an amazing barbecue lunch, the boys then learned how to become a soldier in the Roman army. Here is a little clip of them learning to march.


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Day 4 – Bay Pond – Surrey Wildlife Centre

The boys began the day with an introduction to map work. They looked at labelling points on a map of the county, and then on a close-up map of the local area, giving the boys a chance to practice their location skills using coordinates. They used a contour model to explore contour lines on the OS maps, allowing them to view the landscape in 3D. They then progressed on to learning how to use a compass and bearings, in order to navigate themselves around the site, looking for clues at the different stations.

The second session gave the boys a chance to learn some survival skills in the forest. After building a den out of large sticks, they were blindfolded and required to use their skills of touch and feel to navigate their way around a small course. The final session recapped on the skills of making fire before they had a chance to make their own stick man to bring home with them.

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