Year 3 Roman Day

Posted: 31st August 2021

My favourite part of Roman Day was playing Delta. My score was 142, the highest in my class! Romans had weird numbers called Roman numerals.   My other favourite part was the Roman artefacts; they were very interesting, and we got to see them and feel them.  I learned that Romans conquered loads of land.  I think the caltrops were cool.  No matter which way they landed, they stood up the right way, and they stabbed Celts’ feet or sometimes Romans’ accidentally.

Ibrahim H

On Roman day I dressed up as a Roman centurion with a feathered cassis (helmet), lorica segmentata (armour), caligae (sandals), a scutum (shield) and a gladius (sword).  In the first period, we met Titus, who told us about the Roman Empire’s start and nearly end.  In the next period, Titus showed us some Roman artefacts then we did a quiz on the Romans.  After that, we played a real Roman game called Delta.

William Luff

On the 17th June, Year 3 dressed up as Romans as we are learning about them in history.  The first thing we did was an introduction with Titus about where Romans invaded.  They invaded most of Europe but feared Carthaginia and Germania.  We then looked at some artefacts, then did a quiz about Romans.  Soon after a break we played a Roman game called Delta with the numbers I II III IV V VI VIII IX X.  When you flicked a counter onto a number, whatever number you got, that’s how many points you scored.

Ronit Sachdeva, 3H

On the 17th of June, we had a fabulous Roman day.  First, we got into Roman costumes and ate breakfast, so we were ready for school.  Twenty minutes later we were in the classroom being told by Titus (Titus was a real Roman) what groups we were going to be in and about the Roman Emperors and their battles.  Next, we looked at some rare Roman artefacts.  Later we did a quiz, there were some questions, and we looked for answers on big boards with lots of information.  Thirdly, we played a Roman game called Delta, there was a pyramid and ten boxes.  Each box had a number up to ten in Roman numerals, so you had to flick a counter onto a number.  Finally, we made a tortoise formation with our shields.  The we learned how Boudicca’s forces were defeated.  I learned a lot from the day and I enjoyed it a lot too!

Henry Watts, 3H





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