Year 5 Activities Week

Posted: 31st August 2021

On the first Monday of Activities Week, Year 5 boys were preparing for a residential trip to Dorset, a placating experience after the stress of a tiring exam week and results.  After we filed out of the coach and had reached Hooke Court, we were excited to go on an interactive walk, refreshing after the craziness of the journey. We were then assigned to our dormitories and left to sort our belongings out.

The next day proved to be extremely enjoyable; the breakfast preceded a teamwork challenge of bridging the moat.  The winning team was the first to heave a log across a moat with only two tripods, a clip and a series of long ropes. Great fun!

Lunch was a picnic outside, also providing a run around for the boys.  Then cooking, my partner (Corin) and I followed the recipe and made some delicious WW2 fashioned carrot cake. The other recipes were also extremely tasty; jam tarts and scones.  Then we visited a fantastic gift shop where I bought two key rings.  After a while, we came back with our purchases and had to pretend it was 1945 and the end of the war.  We then enjoyed a mouth-wateringly tasty feast celebrating VE day and soon reached the climax of the day, a murder mystery.  A special day.

In the morning, we played outside and had an exquisite breakfast. We then went over to a chapel and built rockets that were made with two tubes and gunpowder. After lunch, we launched our home-made rockets.  We packed our now rather grubby belongings and returned to school.

On Thursday, we stayed in Guildford. We participated in five activities; communicating with semaphores at Stoke Park, a photography challenge in which you had to take a picture of an acted movie title in the Castle gardens, analysing a video to solve questions about historical Guildford at the Museum, an observation game to spot different features of the High Street and use them to solve a questionnaire and a fantastic riddle hunt where you looked for riddles and solved them.  I enjoyed all of these activities.

On Friday, we travelled to the HMS Belfast where we looked around fascinated until lunch, which we ate on the deck. After that, we sketched the deck and its’ surrounding. The dominant part of my picture was Tower Bridge. We walked over to a cruise boat and while cruising listened to the interesting commentator pointing out landmarks.  

Thank you to all the teachers for organising such a great week.  I enjoyed it very much.

Matthew T

To view more pictures from the week, view the gallery.

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