Year 5 Views from Book Week

Posted: 31st August 2021

It’s the fun week, Book Week!  On Monday we first had an assembly with Nick Cook, he asked us what our dream job would be.  I wasn’t sure why he asked this at the time.  Next, we had a talk from Chris D’Lacey.  I learned you would have to keep changing your ideas because if you were an author, your editor would ask you questions the reader would ask.  So you would have to fill in the gaps which may change your plot.

After our talk with Chris, we had a talk from Nick Cook.  He told us that our dream jobs are not easy to get.  You have to follow it (that’s why he asked us earlier!).  I learned you could make a story about what was happening around you. 

On Tuesday, we had a talk from Chris Connaughton.  He read us the first chapter of his book: The Beltheron Pathway.  He told us not to give up because if you pushed yourself to the limit, you can do it!  I learned that he gave up half way through writing The Beltheron Pathway.  Then he got an idea and carried on.  It took him eight years!

On Wednesday it was Book Swap.  I learned that book swap is meant to give you a chance to read other genres and try different books.

On Thursday Brian Moses came and read us some poems.  He gave us a template for making a great poem.  The template was about a soldier who was famous.  I learned, even if you use a template, you can still write amazing poetry.

On Friday we dressed up as book characters.  I was Count Olaf from a Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.  I had to deliver a speech in front of the class.  I learned that not all speeches are as bad as you think they will be, because I did not think my speech was long enough or too good but the class said a lot of positive things in my feedback.

Krish P

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