Posted: 23rd February 2022

Drama Club’s production of Aladdin

What would you ask for if you had three wishes? Well, thankfully for the drama club boys, one came true and the performance, although postponed, went ahead. All cast members persevered admirably, and special thanks must go to members of staff who joined in last-minute for absent boys.

The story of Aladdin originates in the ‘Tales of the Arabian Nights’, and this pantomime version is set in ancient Arabia in the land of Sultans. The villain of the piece is called ‘Jafar Abanazar’, an evil wizard and magician, who has plans for himself to become the richest man in the universe, with the help of his sidekicks, Gazeem and Iago. However, according to prophecy, a street urchin named Aladdin, is the only person able to secure the magic lamp for Abanazar. When the Genie appears, the adventure begins. Along the way we meet Aladdin’s mum, Widow Twankey, who runs the town launderette and Aladdin’s two ‘delightful’ sisters, Wishy and Washy. We visit the palace where we meet the Sultan of Agraba, who intends to find his daughter a Prince, but Princess Jasmine has other plans….

Fun fact – the first recorded performance of ‘Aladdin’ was in 1788, at the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden, London.

We hope you enjoy watching some snippets and photos of the boys’ fantastic performances.

Mrs Lanson de Breuille
Head of Drama

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