World Book Week 2022

Posted: 29th March 2022


World Book Week 2022 provided the perfect opportunity for our boys to both immerse themselves in reading and in the shoes of others.  Thought-provoking, challenging and broadening, the books recommended by various RGS departments covered everything: from the Nazi occupation of Italy in World War II; to a journey on the seemingly impossible task of measuring the world; to immigration and coming to terms with sexual identity; to consent, the objectification of the female body, and the ways in which social expectations can limit individual freedoms; to political issues and sensitivities.  As Head of English Thishani Wijesinghe acknowledged, “There was certainly something for everyone in this year’s selection of books: whichever book the boys chose they would learn something new.”

An action-packed week also included author visits from Sarah Govett and KL Kettle, as well as the year-group House reading competitions and the daily Book Quiz.  To conclude a busy week the Poetry By Heart finale took place in Big School: a national competition in which children across the country learn a poem and perform it from memory.  Every student in the First to Third Forms participated in the early rounds but the deserved winners were Theo Odhams, Jack Thomson and James Webster.

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