Little Shop of Horrors

Posted: 4th April 2022


Escapism has, perhaps, never been more important than in the current climate and the joint Guildford High School/RGS production as a colourful, vibrant, musical extravaganza had it in spades as the audience was whisked away from Guildford.  A rundown flower shop that slowly gets taken over by a gigantic man-eating plant; high-energy, toe-tapping musical numbers; slick choreography; and a flamboyant, visual spectacle, Little Shop of Horrors provided the perfect evening’s entertainment.

Parus Mehra was exceptional in the lead role of Seymour; he was barely offstage and sang in virtually every number.  His characterisation of the hapless, lowly, love-smitten amateur botanist was brilliant.  Jack Fuller was also incredible voicing and singing Audrey II, the blood-thirsty plant.  Jack’s range of accent, tone and humour were absolute perfection.  Ferdy Al-Qassab was superb as the sadistic, leather clad, maniacal dentist and Moog Clyde captured the role of Mushnik as the stingy, dishonest owner of the flower shop with impressive skill.  With RGS boys throwing themselves into the joyfully energetic chorus, the audience was swept along with the energy and sheer effervescence of the production.  And after all, what could be better than an evening spent with a singing plant with a thirst for blood, hell-bent on world domination!

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