Fundraising Sleepout

Posted: 7th April 2022


The Big Yellow Storage company, a reclining garden chair, Ikea flat-pack furniture, to name but a few, provided the cardboard packaging for protection against a night spent under the stars at the RGS.  A shoe box provided slightly less coverage!  Inspired by Second Form student Umun Atara, 35 of his year group, three members of the Lower Sixth Form and six members of staff braved the elements to sleep out at the RGS to raise money for Transform, a local charity based in Leatherhead which supports homeless and vulnerable people and helps them to live independent and fulfilling lives.  After setting up their makeshift shelters, boys enjoyed football and other creative games such as creating cat-walk outfits from newspaper.  The results were remarkable!  The positives of the clear skies were soon outweighed by freezing temperatures as the boys hunkered down to get as much sleep as possible.  As Charity Co-ordinator Becky Rathmell commented: “Charity at the RGS is about more than just fundraising.  Events such as this allow the boys to empathise more closely with those who are less fortunate and give a greater awareness of just how tough and demoralising homelessness must be.”  A successful event raised well over £4,800 for Transform and the relieved boys – and staff! – fully appreciated a welcome return to their beds.

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