Sports Day

Posted: 27th June 2022

This year Pre-Prep Sports Day had ‘A Right Royal Knees Up!’ theme. The boys enjoyed the Royal events; corgi racing, tea with the queen, the Royal mile and an obstacle course through Buckingham palace to name a few. It was an excellent morning and great to see the boys and parents having fun. Well done to York House and Shell S who were victorious and scored the most points across the events.

It was a morning filled with anticipation as the prep boys came steaming out the blocks with smiles that matched the occasion. An all-inclusive sports day which saw every boy earn points for their respective houses. The crowd rose to the occasion and cheered the boys through each race, javelin throw, high jump, and long jump. The boy’s enthusiasm was infectious and the determination, teamwork and sportsmanship on show was something to be commended. It started with year 3 on the track events, which comprised of the 80m, 150m and 3 heats on timed long-distance runs. The pace was electrifying, and Year 3 set the standard for the day with an extremely competitive set of races. Year 4, 5 and 6 followed, matching the high-performance levels and it was a true spectacle to watch. Then came the final relay events which are always the true showpiece to an athletics event, and it lived up to expectation with races that needed a photo finish. Well done to the Victor Ludorum winners who won their prizes based on points earnt in a variety of events within PE lessons. Also, well done to the RGS medal winners who earnt their prizes on the schools’ values, learning habits, teamwork and sportsmanship that was shown throughout the day. Thank you to all staff for their help and support as well as a big thank you to the parents for providing the extra atmosphere. Congratulations to the overall winners, Lancaster House, who scored an impressive 380 points!