Inspire Day

Posted: 29th June 2022

Inspire is a programme unique to RGS Prep. It was conceived from the conviction that every boy who attends the school should have the opportunity to try whatever it is that most speaks to his passions and interests. As such, it complements our already extensive enrichment programme, and supports in-lesson differentiation.

Inspire in 2021-22 had three main elements.

  1. Chess, where we participated in the Anniversary Tournament on Guildford High Street in partnership with Guildford Chess Club, and where the battle for top place in the Delaney Tournament has been especially fierce!
  2. Our Eco Ambassadors met to discuss their vision for the school and will have even more to do next year as RGS Prep takes forward its application for a Green Flag Award. We had a fantastic experience at the Children’s Festival at Greenfield School, discussing childhood around the world and issues of equality and sustainability.
  3. Finally, Inspire Day, which took place earlier this month, begins with every child surveyed to discover his perfect day at school! This year saw provision ranging from skateboarding workshops to playing with the brilliant Happy Jacks; from scaling the 8-metre climbing wall to handling bearded dragons; from coding drones to learning rainbow flicks. The boys had an amazing day.

We very much look forward to Inspire for 2022-23 and planning is already underway!