Pre Prep Review

Posted: 8th July 2022

The Pre Prep Review was a wonderful insight into everything the Shell to Year 2 boys have learnt this year. The boys performed songs with enthusiasm and spoke with such confidence. Nursery started the event off with a charming rendition of ‘Star light, star bright’ dressed in fantastic gold star costumes. Between the musical performances, the boys reminded the audience of the Learning Habits they continually strive to achieve and shared topics they enjoyed learning about this year – South Africa, insects and inventions were among the favourites. It was so lovely to see the boys putting so much energy into singing ‘Firework’ (Katy Perry), ‘Sky full of stars’ (Coldplay) and ‘We’re all in this together’ (High School Musical). Seeing how much all the boys grown in confidence this year has been so rewarding. Well done to all involved.

Please click the link to view more photographs: RGS Prep’s albums | Flickr


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