Category: Pre Prep

Pre-Prep: Fun in Boyzone

24th January 2024

There was a plethora of responsible risk taking in Boyzone this week. Shell and Nursery used tools and warm water to extract small-world animals from ice blocks. There was plenty of cheering when the ice was smashed! Year 1 and Year 2 enjoyed toasting marshmallows over the fire and had a cosy cup of hot…

Pre-Prep Activities Week

26th June 2023

Nursery had a brilliant time at Bocketts Farm as part of activities week. The boys enjoyed greeting and feeding the various animals. Shell pupils enjoyed their trip Bird World, Surrey. They were excited to see the flamingos and huge pelicans. The highlight was being greeted by a green parrot that kept saying ‘hello’, resulting in…

Christmas Events & Activities

12th December 2022

Boys across all year groups have enjoyed taking part in a variety of Christmas activities and events over the past couple of weeks. Pre-Prep put on a fantastic Nativity performance across 5 days! The boys sang and spoke beautifully and with such confidence to an audience filled with proud guardians, grandparents and staff. It was…