Trips, Events, Enrichment

Throughout the year, RGS Prep boys go on many trips and participate in a plethora of visits which give the children an opportunity to benefit from a wide range of educational experiences and provide enrichment to the curriculum.

From Year 3, all pupils will go on residential trips across Britain during our Activities Week, which takes place every year in June. Recent residentials have included stays in Sussex in Year 3, Dorset in Year 4, Ironbridge in Year 5 and an Activity Centre in Year 6; Year 6 pupils also spend a week in France every February, with visits to honey farm, chocolate and sweet factories, as well as visiting the battlefields of World War I in Belgium as part of their history syllabus. To see all the exciting trips and experiences our pupils have during Activities Week, please watch the short video below:


Inspire is a annual programme unique to RGS Prep. It was conceived from the conviction that every boy who attends the school should have the opportunity to try whatever it is that most speaks to his passions and interests. It complements our extensive enrichment programme, and supports how we tailor our teaching and learning to each individual.

We begin Inspire Day by asking every boy about his passions and interests. We then create a programme of activities so the boys can experience as many of these as possible in a day! We use their experiences to consolidate their learning both during the day and beyond, as well as to inform the planning of our next Inspire Day. For more insight into Inspire Day, please watch the short video below: