Single Sex Education

The RGS has a long-standing tradition of providing the very best education for boys and the School’s educational philosophy is geared towards achieving this aim.

RGS students enjoy regular interaction and develop lasting friendships with their peers from local girls’ schools: travelling to and from school together, co-performing in drama productions and music concerts, enjoying joint trips and expeditions, learning together through the General Studies programme in the Sixth Form, and enjoying both organised social events and also meeting informally in town.

At the RGS, our ethos encourages each individual to fulfil his potential in academic, sporting, artistic and co-curricular pursuits; boys are able to express and challenge themselves irrespective of their chosen field.   Boys are given the space and opportunity to mature and develop at their own pace and, most importantly, they enjoy a happy and challenging education in a supportive, positive environment.  Although a single-sex school, we pride ourselves on avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach to education.

Our school provides a safe and nurturing space for students to develop their individuality, personality and talents.  Within the classroom environment, accomplished members of staff tailor their teaching to provide a stimulating, inspiring education which fulfils a need for pace, variety and healthy competition.  Our students emerge from the School as modest yet confident individuals, cultured and respectful young men who have been influenced by male and female role models alike and who have had the chance to challenge misconception and preconception, stereotype and societal prejudice in a balanced, reflective fashion.

RGS Guildford enjoys a unique reputation educationally, with some of the leading single-sex schools in the country which co-exist harmoniously and yet also independently to provide an inspiring, dynamic experience and co-educational feel appropriate for the 21st century.

Jimmy Pressley, Senior Master

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