Learning Habits

Central to a life-long love of learning, and interwoven throughout each student’s curricular and co-curricular experiences, the RGS Learning Habits are the characteristic behaviours and attributes which students develop in order to thrive as they progress through school, university and beyond.


As an RGS learner, I am punctual and well prepared so that I can make the most out of every opportunity.  I manage time effectively and meet deadlines.  My work is clearly and systematically ordered.


As an RGS learner, I work in partnership with others, test their ideas, demonstrate empathy and look towards their wellbeing. I am an active listener who is well engaged in learning; I notice and learn from what others do well. I fulfil my role within a team or group to the best of my ability.


As an RGS learner, I combine my existing knowledge and skills with intellectual curiosity and creativity to successfully plan and achieve things in unfamiliar situations, of which I am proud.


As an RGS learner, I am tenacious when facing adversity or suffering setbacks.  I will understand and learn from both my mistakes and those of others, and resolve to try again.


As an RGS learner, I aim to go beyond my current successes.  I enjoy making the most of the opportunities presented to me, both inside and outside of the classroom, irrespective of the outcome.


I recognise and celebrate my achievements and those of others.  I look back at the progress I have made and seek feedback so that I can refine and improve targets for my future development.  I have a sense of perspective, rationally test claims of truth and take responsibility for my own wellbeing.

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