Creative Arts

We encourage all our boys to participate in, or take up, some form of creative pursuit which they do with exceptional skill and imagination, enthusiasm and enjoyment.  There is a sense of creative freedom at the RGS and opportunities exist for each individual to explore his own passions, however idiosyncratic, resulting in our boys developing a true appreciation of the Arts.  Creativity and imagination, along with problem-solving and project-based work, nurture students who can think on their feet and have the confidence to formulate their own ideas and see things through to their conclusion.  The Arts provide an outlet for our boys to express their thoughts, their feelings, and their observations, and they do this with astonishing maturity and insight.

Our bright and airy Art School studios and Design & Technology workshops are inspiring environments conducive to fulfilling this aim of developing aesthetic awareness in all students.  A focus on mastering techniques allows our boys to develop self-expression at their own pace as well as a confident and personal appreciation of art and a passion for innovative design.  Our teachers are professional practitioners who work in their studio classrooms so that the boys can benefit from their expertise; bespoke exemplar materials and demonstrations allow boys readily to gain practical experience and understanding.  The range of work, including sculpture, woodwork, metalwork, mixed media and more traditional art forms, clearly illustrates the breadth of talent.  Our corridors and display areas provide a living gallery, with frequently changing work inspiring generations of students and visitors alike.

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