RGS Guildford courtyard with students

The Headmaster’s Address



The Headmaster’s Address

to mark the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Friday 9 September 2022

We are meeting this morning under the saddest of circumstance to mark the death of our sovereign, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Whether we are young or old, the Queen has been an ever present part of all our lives and her loss is felt very keenly by us all.  The collective shock at yesterday’s news and the grief felt, not just by members of the RGS community but by the whole nation, the Commonwealth and the international community, is a testament to the esteem in which Her Majesty was held.

The Queen played such a vital role in our consciousness; it is only through her passing that we recognise, personally, how much she affected our lives and how much we will miss her.  As the second Elizabethan age has drawn to a close, we remember the Queen’s strength, her dignity and her dedication.  She truly was a monarch for us all, a symbol of hope and stability particularly during the troubled times which have faced us all over the past few years.

The affection in which Queen Elizabeth was held, and our gratitude for her selfless example, are the reasons why her loss is felt so keenly.  She will be recognised as the very best of global leaders, a shining example of devotion, faith and fortitude during a momentous reign.  It was a reign during which there were unprecedented changes and challenges but the Queen provided a symbol of unity and stability; she was the foundation for the nation through good times and bad.  We are fortunate and blessed that she was able to live such a long and distinguished life.

At this sad time, we should also remember that Her Majesty was a mother, grandmother and great grandmother.  Our thoughts should also be with her family who are mourning her passing at this time.

Queen Elizabeth was an inspiration to so many, uniting disparate communities all around the world, those same communities which are now united in sorrow.  We should celebrate her life, reflect on the revered and admired service which marked her Elizabethan age, and we should now look forward to the new future of our King, Charles III.

As a mark of respect to mark Her Majesty’s passing, please stand for a minute of silent reflection.

Please remain standing in silence as we hear the National Anthem.