Our students can truly be themselves

Every student is valued in our community; there are no stereotypes at the RGS, each individual can follow their own path, and achievement, however small, is noticed and celebrated.  The RGS is an incredibly tolerant and welcoming environment, the culture of inclusivity is at the very heart of our ethos. 

Pastoral support

Physical and mental wellbeing and health – are at the heart of what we do.  If the students are happy, they will flourish and this is as important in the Sixth Form as it is for our younger students.  Our intimate Tutor Groups and flourishing House system provide a supportive network of friends and staff; experienced and professional support is always available through the Head of Year and Head of Section, through the School Nurse and Counsellor, and through the whole staff who are committed to the individual support of each student in the School.


Our Sixth Formers play a pivotal role in mentoring younger students, offering guidance and support that eases transitions and builds confidence. Our mentorship programme enhances the wellbeing of both the mentors and mentees through strengthened relationships and a greater sense of belonging within our school community.

Senior Prefects

Our Senior Prefects play a crucial role by serving as role models and leaders for their peers. Their responsibilities, which include mentoring younger students and organising school events, significantly contribute to the overall wellbeing of RGS students by promoting a sense of community and support.