Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

RGS Guildford is committed to continually assessing what support we can give to our students to ensure equity within our community where everyone’s voice is heard.

We are proud of our welcoming and inclusive environment but are conscious that there is always room for improving and developing greater social awareness and respect for all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or disability.

We value and celebrate the diversity of our school community, recognising that different perspectives and backgrounds enrich our educational environment.

They [the pupils] highly value the ethos of the school which places inclusivity at its core and which permeates every aspect of their life.

ISI Report 2022

Pupils were unanimous in their belief that diversity is a normal part of life, that individuals matter, and that they operate within a very tolerant and inclusive community.

ISI Report 2022

At RGS Prep, pupils take part in workshops such as Anti-Bullying, where they learn to recognise discrimination and the action they should take if they, or someone they know, face bullying. Pupils also participate in a range of cultural workshops where they learn about different religions, cultural dress and respect for others way of life. We also welcome external groups such as the African Caribbean Education Network (ACEN) to run insightful talks.

At our senior school, student voice is pivotal in creating a sense of belonging for all students. We have a dynamic student EDI council who work closely with staff to make meaningful changes, such as the Speak Up form to record suspected incidents of bullying or discrimination. Our students work closely with other local schools and we take it in turns to host EDI events such as Pride Breakfasts and Feminism & Equity Seminars. We also welcome external companies and speakers to expose our students to different viewpoints and get them to recognise and challenge their own biases. Recent examples include Laura Bates ‘Everyday Sexism’, ACEN’s anti-racism workshops, Bilal Harry Khan ‘Inclusion 101: Understanding Power and Privilege’.

Our curriculum undergoes reviews to ensure Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) is embedded throughout. We analyse existing materials for biases, gather input from staff and student and update content to incorporate diverse perspective