Headmaster’s Vision

My vision for the future of the RGS remains loyal to the established aims of our School; academic excellence, co-curricular opportunity, personal development and service to others.

Our students, with the world’s finest libraries in their pockets, require the skills to interrogate data, the ability to listen and the humility to change minds, including their own. They face a lifetime of learning and jobs not yet invented. To prepare them, we lead by example; staying true to our values, collaborating with others, innovating and striving always to be the very best we can be.

The growing complexity of the global challenges we face will need future generations to work together for solutions – across national borders and the potential barriers of religion, culture and language.


Life Skills

Our learning habits are designed to help students reach their full potential throughout their time at school, in higher education and beyond. The emotional resilience and positive sense of wellbeing they develop help to determine success throughout their lives. We want our students to respond positively to challenges and to persist when they have setbacks.


Our students’ wellbeing underpins every aspect of school life at the RGS. We recognise that in order for our students to flourish academically and creatively, they need to feel supported and listened to, receive the necessary patience and compassion and invaluable experience of our staff. This creates a community based on mutual respect, where students are happy and confident in themselves and their abilities.

Prep Wellbeing  Senior Wellbeing


We set aside co-curricular time where students enjoy varied and exciting activities designed to provide new experiences. Complemented by an extensive sports programme and a wide variety of clubs, our students are encouraged to have fun, participate, and discover their passions.

Prep Enrichment  Senior Enrichment 


Whether it is collaborating with local state and independent schools, developing links with Old Guildfordians or providing an RGS education globally through our international schools, our aim is to learn, share our expertise and enhance the reputation of the RGS.

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