RGS Prep

Welcome from the Head

The unique character of RGS Prep stems from the warmth of our community and the infectious enthusiasm of our staff and pupils. As you explore our school, you’ll feel the fun, vibrancy and passion for learning round every corner.  The diverse personalities of our pupils form a vibrant mosaic that celebrates individuality. Each boy contributes a unique perspective, talent and background. However, within our community, we all share the same Values and place emphasis on the importance of kindness and respect.

Mr Toby Freeman-Day


We believe that boys who are happy and confident in their surroundings are able to learn more effectively. It is the excellent individual attention that our dedicated and committed staff give each boy which offers him the knowledge that he is understood, cared for and valued and that his unique academic and pastoral needs will be met throughout his time with us.

We guide each boy on his journey and give him the skills and understanding of how to learn not just what to learn. At RGS Prep, we strive to create an inclusive, supportive environment that nurtures each boy’s unique interests.

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Well-rounded boys

RGS Prep is well known as a centre of academic excellence but success is multi-faceted and goes beyond exam grades. We value characteristics such as confidence and treating others with kindness and respect.

We recognise the benefits of learning both within and outside of the classroom and encourage our pupils to take advantage of our diverse co-curricular activities, as well as the expertise offered in our excellent music, sport, art and drama departments. RGS Prep catalyses and nurtures the interests of every boy.

Forward thinking

We are a school that celebrates traditional, academic rigour, while also embracing innovation, modern technology, and forward thinking. RGS Prep prepares its pupils for further education but also acts as a foundation for later life.

Encouraging our pupils to have diverse interests, combined with traditional manners, allows them to grow into confident, caring and successful young men.

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