Life in the Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form provides increasing independence as our students make the transition between school and university.  Each year we welcome a number of new students who settle in quickly and make an impact on our community. Our Sixth Form students wear business suits, have their own bespoke facilities, take an increasingly significant role as leaders of our community, and enjoy the independence, respect and freedom which is natural for young men at this stage of their education.

Extra academic sessions and societies further aid pupils to gain confidence in how to manage their work and learning independently.

ISI Report 2022


The Sixth Form students set the tone for the rest of our community and epitomise our School Values of inclusivity, scholarship, integrity, respect, courage and collaboration.

In their interactions with each other, with staff, and with younger students, the students encapsulate the warm, welcoming and friendly spirit of the RGS ethos. New students are warmly welcomed into the community and, as a local school, life-long friendships are established

Tutor Groups

In the Sixth Form, each student is placed in a Tutor Group of approximately 12 – 15 students for the two-year period.  As the students take increasing responsibility for their own development, so the Tutor plays a vital role in supporting, advising and ensuring that each tutee makes the most of every opportunity afforded by the Sixth Form at the RGS and that each tutee fulfils his potential.  In essence, the Tutor’s main role is firstly to ensure a smooth transition into the Sixth Form and then to encourage the academic progress and wider development of the students in their charge.



The Sixth Form Centre provides a purpose-built facility for all members of the Sixth Form.  The Centre is open from early in the morning to late in the afternoon and the students have a locker area, a work area, a computer room and a relaxing common room with daily newspapers and magazines, and including the ever-popular table football.  Students also have access to a range of facilities throughout the School for use during the School day; these include the Mallison Library, the Careers Library and the Study Area.



The Sixth Form is characterised by richness of opportunity, both in the curricular and co-curricular spheres.  If the classroom sows the seeds of a passion, trips, lectures and external competitions further stretch and challenge each individual.  From a co-curricular perspective, irrespective of an individual’s interests, the School aims to embed long-lasting passions, whether that is debating, mountain biking, surfing or chess.


Every student is valued in our community; there are no stereotypes at the RGS, each individual can follow their own path, and achievement, however small, is noticed and celebrated.

The RGS is an incredibly tolerant and welcoming environment, the culture of inclusivity is at the very heart of our ethos.  Our students can truly be themselves.

Pastoral support – physical and mental wellbeing and health – are at the heart of what we do.  If the students are happy, they will flourish and this is as important in the Sixth Form as it is for our younger students.  Our intimate Tutor Groups and flourishing House system provide a supportive network of friends and staff; experienced and professional support is always available through the Head of Year and Head of Section, through the School Nurse and Counsellor, and through the whole staff who are committed to the individual support of each student in the School.