At RGS Guildford, our academic reputation is complemented by an equally vibrant and diverse curriculum in Drama, Music, Art, DT and Sport, ensuring a holistic and enriching educational experience for our students.

Pupils are highly motivated and relish a sense of

ISI Report 2022

First and Second Form Curriculum

Our curriculum offers access to all the aesthetic, human and social, linguistic, mathematical, creative and literary, scientific and technological, physical and moral and spiritual areas of learning.  By studying a range of subjects, our students are able to make informed option choices and forge their bespoke path which plays to their individual strengths and passions.

Subject First & Second Form
English 4 Periods
Mathematics 4 Periods
Integrated Science 6 Periods
Core Language (French/Spanish) 3 Periods
Latin 3 Periods
Geography 3 Periods
History 3 Periods
Religious Studies 2 Periods
Art 2 Periods
Design & Technology 2 Periods
Music 1 Period
Drama 1 Period
Digital Literacy 1 Period
Tutor Period 1 Period
PE 1 Period
Games 3 Periods

Third to Sixth Form Curriculum

As they move up the school a degree of optionality is introduced into the curriculum, allowing students to begin to narrow their focus on fewer subjects.

Learning Habits

Central to a lifelong love of learning, and interwoven throughout each student’s curricular and co-curricular experiences, the RGS Learning Habits are the behaviours and attributes which students develop, helping them to thrive as they progress through school, university and beyond.

  • Organisation
  • Engagement
  • Imagination
  • Perseverance
  • Aspiration
  • Reflection


Our philosophy for fostering a scholarly mindset includes:

  • being fiercely curious and intellectually inquisitive;
  • looking for opportunities beyond the curriculum and making connections between individual subjects;
  • encouraging creativity and a free-thinking approach which is willing to challenge conventional opinion;
  • providing opportunities for research and presentation skills;
  • mental resilience and flexibility to identify and offer creative solutions to challenges and not be daunted by initial failure and setback, rather seeing it as a constructive and necessary part of development;
  • being ambassadors of excellence and celebrating aspiration and achievement while always remaining humble;
  • enriching and benefiting others within the School and those in the community;
  • developing a lifelong love of learning and a lasting thirst for knowledge and self-improvement.

Single-Sex Education

The RGS has rich history of providing the very best education for boys.

RGS students enjoy regular interaction and develop lasting friendships with their peers from local girls’ schools: travelling to and from school together, co-performing in drama productions and music concerts, enjoying joint trips and expeditions, learning together through the General Studies programme in the Sixth Form, and enjoying both organised social events and also meeting informally in town.

We encourage each individual to fulfil their potential in academic, sporting, artistic and co-curricular pursuits; students are able to express and challenge themselves. Although a single-sex school, we pride ourselves on avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach to education.

Our school provides a safe and nurturing space for students to develop their individuality, personality and talents.  Our accomplished staff tailor their teaching to provide a stimulating, inspiring education with variety and healthy competition, and producing confident and respectful individuals who challenge stereotypes and prejudices in a balanced, reflective manner.

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