Assistance with Fees

A bursary (assistance with fees) to attend the RGS and RGS Prep can offer a life-changing experience, providing students with the knowledge, the values and the skills to flourish at school and beyond.  Our vision is to realise the talent of future generations by providing an excellent education to students of all backgrounds.  As a result, although entry is competitive, any parent who would like their son to come to the RGS or RGS Prep should not be deterred from applying for financial reasons as bursary funding is offered to successful applicants on a means-tested basis.

Bursaries are available for:

  • Those applying to join the RGS at age 11
  • Those applying to join from Year 3 at RGS Prep

There is no set number of bursary awards that may be made; the funds available will determine the number of awards granted.  The value of bursaries is set by strict criteria and is based upon financial need; these are rigorously means tested and reviewed each year.  All information is kept strictly confidential.


While the criteria for full and partial bursaries depends on a range of financial variables based on both parents’ income and assets, allowable expenditure as specified in the bursary scheme, some illustrative examples of the level of support which may be offered are shown below:

Family net household income (per annum)  Bursary award
Less than £26,000 Full bursary, 100% of fees
£33,000 75% of fees
£40,000 50% of fees
£60,000 25% of fees
Excess of £75,000 Unlikely to qualify for bursary support

Families on very low incomes may also be assisted with the cost of lunches, travel, trips and various other financial aspects.

How can I apply?

RGS Senior

For entrance bursaries, the link will be issued by the Head of Admissions (Registrar & Marketing), Mrs Sweet, for those indicating an interest or on request in late October.

RGS Prep

For entrance bursaries, the link will be issued by RGS Prep Admissions Manager, Mrs Hills, to applicants indicating an interest or on request and will need to be submitted prior to your son’s assessment.

Should you require any assistance, a dedicated bursary helpdesk is available to answer your questions and help you to complete the form.