Stand-Up Comedy Evening

Posted: 14th October 2022

After a three-year hiatus where the Auditorium had been noticeably lacking in sustained and uncontrollable mirth and merriment – public examinations, inspiring music concerts and high-end drama productions are, after all, traditionally and hopefully low on fits of hysterical laughter – the annual Stand-Up Comedy Evening made a very welcome return to the RGS.  To a packed audience of First Form boys up to the ever-so-slightly older Grandma from Devon who ended up with a starring role (!), the three comedians had the audience in stitches from the start.  Our established compère, Paul Kerensa, kicked things off, acknowledging that his position as a parent of a new First Form boy raised the stakes somewhat.  He did reassure those that had already met him that he was in fact a comedian and not just a cocky parent who thought he has quite funny!  The line-up including Rachel Creeger and the irresistibly-named Otiz Cannelloni provided observational insight into everything from the pandemic to parenting, with plenty of jokes targeted for a school setting.  Otiz reflected back to when he was at school and told his Careers Adviser that he wanted to be an apiarist; only to be told he needed at least three B’s…  As the self-proclaimed man of mystery, madness and magic, Otiz then entertained with puppetry to magic, balloons to audience participation with the plucky First Form student Sebastian donning the incredible head-spinning box.  With a good old fashioned sing-a-long of Christmas carols to cheesy, modern-day hits, the evening was the ultimate feel-good, family entertainment raising over £1,500 in the process for the School’s nominated charities.

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