Cat Williams Workshop: Strengths Psychology and Mindset

Posted: 18th October 2022

In September, boys in Year 5 and 6 took part in a mindset workshop run by RRT therapist/Speaker, Cat Williams. The boys had some really positive feedback from the session, as seen below:

  • “I found it interesting to find my strengths.”
  • “I now understand myself on another level.”
  • “I feel like a superhero – I can think something and it can happen!”
  • “Learning about my colour was really interesting. Knowing other people’s colours means I can make better teams if I choose people with different colours to me.”
  • “I never thought that thoughts could be so powerful.”
  • “It was really interesting and it all made sense. I realise I can have a better mindset and I know what to do now.”

Cat Williams returned to RGS Prep in October to share her knowledge of strength psychology and mindset with parents. She answered questions such as how to support a child who is constantly comparing themselves to others, how to help a child believe in themselves and their abilities, how to boost a child’s confidence and self-esteem and how to develop resilience in children. Her talk was insightful and engaging.

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