Tomorrow’s Engineer Week

Posted: 18th November 2022

7-11 November

The Physics Department ran a series of exciting activities, across the year groups, to highlight the importance and prevalence of engineering in todays’ world.

One of the first activities used the Minecraft Educational Platform which has a wide range of activities, many curriculum based, covering environmental challenges, with the added fun of being able to play Minecraft! We chose the Lumen City Power Challenge, where the aim was to enumerate the different ways of generating electricity, learning about their environmental impact and finishing with a quiz. A fitting challenge with COP 27 taking place at the same time.

This was followed with our Tomorrow’s Engineer Quiz, which asked ‘How much do you know about technology we take for granted?’

In the middle of the week, Fourth and Fifth Formers, along with the Physics Department Engineers, got their chance to dissect small electrical appliances. With great enthusiasm, screwdrivers, brute force within 30 minutes, the appliance was laid out for all to see.

The end of the week saw another lunchtime session of Minecraft for the First form was followed by an after-school talk from former School Captain, Lucas Savage. Currently in his third year at the Dyson Institute, Lucas spoke to members of the Fifth and Sixth Form about how he chose this particular route for 18+ education and gave a great insight into the life of an apprentice. He spoke candidly about the work/ study balance, the fact that he doesn’t have the long holidays and access to as many student activities as you might at university, but that working with engineers, many of whom have 10+ years of working experience was a very rewarding way of learning his craft. Lucas shared his experiences over the past two years, talked about the focus of different departments at the Institute and the activities he has been involved in, finally finishing with a long question and answer session.

A fantastic week, filled with a wide variety of activities was greeted with much enthusiasm by all involved.

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