RGS Guildford courtyard with students

Reflection: Moral Purpose

With the theme for the week being moral purpose, I would like to share a quote with you all: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'”

These were the words of Martin Luther King Jr.  Dr King believed that every person has the right to live a life of dignity and respect, regardless of their race, religion, or socioeconomic status.  He dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of African Americans, using nonviolence and civil disobedience as his weapons.  His message of equality and justice was not just limited to the African American community; he also spoke out against poverty, economic inequality, and discrimination for people of all backgrounds.  As a result of his work, King faced physical violence, government surveillance, and legal persecution.  Yet he continued his work.  He continued because he believed in what he was doing.  Martin Luther King had his purpose.

With the stress and pressure that being in a school environment brings, we can be led down the path of thinking that our purpose here is only academic achievement.  And while our own goals are certainly important to each of us, focusing entirely on them can lead to even more stress.

When we think of what our purpose can be, we should think not of ourselves, but of something bigger than that.  We should think about our community, the people sitting next to us.  How are they feeling?  What do they need?  What are you doing for them?

It is important to remember that our purpose certainly does not have to be to the same scale as King’s was, but it should have the same effect in bringing us closer together.  Sometimes, the smallest acts of kindness can make the biggest difference.  You never quite know how big an impact you can have on someone’s day by just taking an interest in how they are doing.

When we come together to help others, we build relationships and connections that can last a lifetime.  We create a sense of belonging and shared purpose that can help to strengthen our communities and make the world a better place.  Let us all believe in the power of helping others every day and strive to make it our purpose, because we will be better off for it.  So I ask you all, what are you doing for others?

Daniel Taylor

Senior Prefect