Star Warts – The Umpire Strikes Back!

Posted: 20th February 2023

RGS Prep’s Drama Club presents; ‘Star Warts – The Umpire Strikes Back!’

‘Star Warts’, featuring a collection of galactic characters on a space adventure, is the latest RGS Prep Drama Club’s production.

A hilarious parody of ‘Star Wars’, the cast includes Daft Ada and Luke Warmwater who live on Junction 51, their quiet space station. They soon learn the of the Evil Umpire and his dark desire to conquer the universe when Princess Nebula’s ship crashes into them.  They follow the Princess in her rebellion and are accompanied by an array of amusingly witty characters including Zak Solo and Nigel the Nookie, in their quest to defeat the Evil Umpire’s attempt to strike back and control the universe.

The boys performed superbly, giving great comic renditions of the individual characters featured in the original ‘Star Wars’ film to a highly amused and enthusiastic audience.

The ‘spacey’ set, starry backdrop, costumes, lighting and sound effects all added to the overall enjoyment of the production.

May the Sauce Be With You….!

Mrs Lanson de Breuille

Head of RGS Prep Drama


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