Model United Nations

Posted: 3rd March 2023

18 RGS MUN delegates took part in the annual conference. Our team comprised students with widely different levels of experience: from seasoned Sixth Formers to First Formers who are just beginning their MUN careers!

Numerous controversial and nuanced topics were discussed in committees, such as rising sea levels, affirmative action, combatting the financing of terrorism and working to end sexual violence to name just a few.  The boys
displayed their usual enthusiasm and good humour throughout the day and argued topics with consideration and maturity.

Several RGS students were successful in winning formal awards. Congratulations must go to Alex and Marko for winning highly commended awards and especially to Oscar for winning the ‘outstanding delegate’ award in his committee: the youngest student at the conference to win such an honour.

When I was orbiting the various committees I was deeply impressed by the erudite and persuasive contributions of our RGS MUN debaters, and all students who attended without exception fully engaged with the day’s events.

Our Sixth Form MUN team provided immense levels of maturity and help to younger students with resolution writing and general strategy both in preparation for and on the day.

Mr TF Foster
Co-ordinator of MUN

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