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Posted: 17th March 2023

MFL Topic Evening

On Thursday 16 March, 80 Fifth Form French, German and Spanish students took part in a MFL topic evening to develop their confidence and fluency prior to their speaking exams. They were ably assisted by some fantastic Sixth Form volunteers and a team of language teachers.

They practised speaking for a minute about various topics, using more complex and interesting adjectives and finally, topic questions across a range of subtopics, reflecting what they will have to do in the exam.

Trip to see La Casa de Bernarda Alba

On March 13 2023, 6 of our Upper Sixth students went to see Jorge de Juan’s interpretation of La Casa de Bernarda Alba, their A Level text.

Performed in the Cervantes theatre under the railway arches near Waterloo, this was a gripping performance which certainly brought to life the suffering of Bernarda’s daughters under their mother’s rule in the thirties in Spain. The suffering within the house is a microcosm of the suffering of women in general at that time in a judgemental and hypocritical society in which “a good façade and family harmony” were more important than the needs of individuals. The boys  spoke in Spanish the whole afternoon and watching the play gave them a deeper appreciation of a text which was written to be performed.

Mrs Rathmell

Teacher of Spanish & French

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