Reflection: 75 years of Windrush

Posted: 3rd October 2023

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush.  The cruise liner, bringing 492 Caribbean people to the United Kingdom, was more than just a ship.  It symbolised hope, opportunity and the promise of a better life for the thousands of Caribbean immigrants who followed in the footsteps of those aboard the Windrush.  They uprooted from the familiar tropical environment of the Caribbean and made the noble journey to the slightly less tropical British isles to help this nation rebuild in the wake of World War 2.  Indeed, this new environment came with its own challenges, but regardless, the Windrush generation persevered with incredible optimism.

75 years on, we can look back at how successful the Windrush generation, and indeed many other immigrant communities have become.  Whether it be dominating sport, music or blazing new paths for people of colour, the Windrush and black-British community have contributed to not only a better Britain, but a more inclusive society as a whole.  As one of the Windrush veterans said, “We brought music, we brought colour, we brought life”.

We can all take a valuable lesson from the perseverance of the Windrush Generation and indeed all people who enter unfamiliar environments and thrive, especially those of you who have recently joined our community.  The RGS is built upon its people; we all bring our own unique talents, languages and cultures contributing to a vibrant, diverse school.

As we reflect upon 75 years of Windrush and celebrate Black History Month, let us reaffirm our commitment to welcoming newcomers, valuing their contributions and building a more inclusive and prosperous future for all.

Haris MacNicol
Upper Sixth Form

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