Football Tour

Posted: 21st November 2023

The football tour with Tottenham and West Ham was a whirlwind of excitement and soccer-filled adventures. The boys got a taste of the pro footballer life, from exclusive tours to hands-on training and even learning how to deal with the media.

The highlight was definitely the Tottenham stadium tour, where they walked the iconic grounds and soaked in the club’s history. But it wasn’t all about football—bowling and arcades provided some much-needed downtime, showcasing the boys’ competitive spirit off the pitch.

Training with West Ham was an exciting experience and allowed the boys to step onto the same field as their Premier League heroes. The weekend also featured adrenaline-pumping activities like tackling the world’s longest slide and navigating the Olympic Park adventure park.

The tour reached its peak at the West Ham vs Nottingham Forest match, offering first-hand experience of the intensity of a live Premier League game.

As the weekend wrapped up, the boys headed home with a deeper understanding of the professional football world.

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