RGS Guildford courtyard with students

University Offers

With the UCAS application deadline about to close and offer-making in full swing, our Upper Sixth Form continue to receive significant numbers of offers for some of the most competitive courses from the leading universities in the country. To date just under 400 offers have been received including large numbers from Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Nottingham, Southampton and Warwick (all of whom tend to offer throughout the process) and growing numbers from Durham, Edinburgh, Imperial, and UCL (all of whom traditionally wait until close to the UCAS deadline before starting to make offers). It is also encouraging to see all of our Medics, Vets and Dentists being invited to multiple interviews.

Recent focus has been on Oxbridge outcomes and we are delighted to have received 29 Oxbridge offers: 18 for Cambridge and 11 for Oxford – the most offers since 2016/2017. Of particular note is our conversion rate of 55% from interviews to offers and an overall application-to-offer rate of 44% which would place us among the very highest performing schools and colleges in the country. The range of courses is also pleasingly eclectic – from Design to Music, Archaeology to Engineering, Law to PPE, Classics to Natural Sciences. To place these results in context, the admissions landscape has changed significantly over the last seven years, not least in the number of applicants to Oxford and Cambridge which has risen from approximately 34,000 to 46,000.

We also are very proud of those students who were, unfortunately, not successful in their application: they should all be phenomenally proud of the way they conducted themselves – working collaboratively, challenging themselves academically, and handling themselves throughout the process with integrity and maturity.