RGS Guildford courtyard with students

Wellbeing Week

Pupils have had a fun and busy week full of activities concentrating on promoting our wellbeing. Our focus has been happiness, friendship and kindness and the boys’ have shown this in so many different ways this week. From welcoming our RGS Dubai community on Wednesday, celebrating the success of the Pantomime and cheering each other on in our pancake races today, the school has been brimming with excitement and laughter. Different breaktime activities have also helped the boys try something new and develop healthy strategies to manage their wellbeing. We’ve painted rocks in our craft activities, we’ve made each other laugh in our joke club and we’ve sung and danced in our ‘shake it about’ sessions.

Our Gieve Room continues to be open every breaktime throughout the year as a place of calm where boys can relax and reflect while either having a chat with the pastoral team, taking part in mindful colouring, playing a board game with a friend or getting creative with Lego.

At RGS Prep, we prioritise our pupils’ wellbeing year-round.