RGS Guildford courtyard with students

Entertainment at Abbots Hospital

On Wednesday 15 May, 11 students made the short trip down the High Street to Abbots Hospital to provide some light entertainment for the residents. Every Year Group not taking public examinations was represented, and the RGS was able to offer a delightful programme of music, poetry, and even some magic.

The poetry was performed with clarity, with Bear Dreyer and Felix Smith impressively reciting their poems from memory. The musicians chose charming and fun pieces that were performed with great energy. George Christiansen rounded off the programme with a piece by Beethoven. Despite the limitations of the electric keyboard, which did not have a pedal, his performance was so well received that the residents begged for an encore.

Adding to the variety, Karan Vaish amazed the audience with a captivating card trick, adding a magical touch to the afternoon.

The residents of Abbot’s Hospital enjoyed the entertainment very much and are keen for the students to return soon. It was lovely to see students from across the school volunteer their time to bring a smile to others, demonstrating the positive impact of such community engagement.