RGS Guildford courtyard with students

Field Day 4

On Field Day 4, various student groups engaged in diverse activities across different locations, making it a day of enrichment, fun and learning.

The ‘Art in Context’ class embarked on a walking tour of Shoreditch to learn about graffiti and street art. Guided by a local street artist, the students explored politically charged pieces and works by renowned artists such as Helch, Pure Evil, and Banksy. They also visited local galleries, gaining insight into how street artists transition into the commercial art scene. This tour provided a fantastic opportunity to experience a vibrant part of London and appreciate outstanding art on a beautiful day.

The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) had multiple sections involved in field activities. The Army Section undertook an overnight field training exercise at Bramshott Common, Hampshire. Their mission was to secure an area south of the Hindhead Tunnel from the South Downs Army. The cadets faced an initial ambush but successfully rescued their vehicle and set up a harbour position. They executed a night ambush on an enemy patrol and launched a successful sunrise attack on an enemy supply hub. This exercise enhanced their fieldcraft, tactical awareness, and leadership skills.

The RAF section visited RAF Odiham, home of the Chinook helicopter force. They received an in-depth tour of a Chinook, exploring both the inside and outside of the helicopter. In the afternoon, the cadets were hosted by the Fire Section, where they enjoyed trying out the fire hoses.

The RN Section travelled to Itchenor for a day of coastal and river rowing. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, the students learned fixed-seat sweep rowing and sculling in sliding seat craft. The sunny weather and sparkling waters of Chichester Harbour created the perfect backdrop for the event, allowing the cadets to progress from novices to cohesive crews.

RGS climbers spent an adventurous day at Dancing Ledge in Dorset. They tackled a deepwater solo traverse, eventually leading them into the cold water below. Later, they climbed on dry rock, demonstrating impressive skills on the tough terrain. This physically demanding day provided a memorable outdoor experience.

Drama and Technical Theatre students attended a production of Guys and Dolls at the Bridge Theatre in London. With immersive tickets, they were effectively onstage with the action throughout the performance. The students were captivated by the energy, staging, costumes, and performances, making it a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

Lower Sixth hikers completed a 17km hike across the North Downs, starting and ending at the school. The route included the Chantries, Bramley, and a section of the River Wey. The beautiful sunny day and strong pace made for an enjoyable and scenic hike, filled with cheerful conversation.

The Music Field Day saw Ruvin and Jasper working on compositions in the Sibelius room, culminating in recording their efforts.

The Outdoor Pursuits group visited Horseshoe Lake in Sandhurst for water-based activities such as kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, raft-building, and dragon boat racing.

Lower Sixth Form sports coaches organised a multi-sports event for 150 First Form pupils from RGS and Tormead, featuring activities like cricket, athletics, tag rugby, softball, and ultimate frisbee. The exceptional weather and well-organised activities ensured a smooth and enjoyable morning for all participants.