RGS Guildford courtyard with students

Field Day 5

Students across the school took part in a variety of enriching and diverse activities for Field Day 5.

The Art in Context group stayed at school to work with clay, employing techniques such as slab building, coiling, under glazing, and sgraffito to create sculptures, vases, bowls and platters.

The CCF – Army students visited the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, where cadets practiced live firing the L98A2 rifle, honed fieldcraft skills in laser-tag battles and engaged in axe-throwing.

CCF – RAF cadets participated in paintballing and a high ropes course challenge. They refined their tactical and leadership skills in the paintball zones and tested their confidence and agility on the ropes courses.

The CCF – RN section spent the day dinghy sailing at Island Barn reservoir. Despite minimal wind, cadets engaged in paddle races and boat water polo, learning to manage sail setting, steering, and balance under challenging conditions.

The Climbing group travelled to Portland in Dorset, tackling technical climbs at an inland crag called The Cuttings. Used to indoor climbing, the students faced a new challenge with the sustained finger strength required for outdoor climbs.

Hiking took the Lower Sixth group on an 18.3km trek from Liphook to Haslemere. The route, with scenic views and ample shade, provided a delightful summer hike, with highlights including a lunch stop at the Temple of the Four Winds.

The Lifesaving group spent three days in Cornwall surfing. Despite difficult conditions, students enjoyed the challenge.

The Mountain Biking group, explored trails north-west of Dorking and around Ranmore Common, scouting future field day routes and devising new engagement strategies.

The Maths Primary Project engaged Year 6 pupils from RGS Prep in a session comparing Ancient Egyptian and Hindu-Arabic number systems, discussing the mathematical challenges of pyramid building.

The Outdoor Pursuits group enjoyed a day of water sports at Thorpe Lakes, including kneeboarding, wakeboarding and inflatable water park activities.

Rock Band participants used the day to perfect their sets for an upcoming gig at The Boileroom.

The Sports Coaching group participated in a multi-sport tournament. Teams competed in well known sports such as football and dodgeball, as well as taking part in some less familiar sports like Ultimate Frisbee, Boccia and Seated Volleyball.

Technical Theatre students organised the lighting Store and provided technical assistance for the Second Form House Mime Competition.

The 1509 journalists worked on articles for the upcoming RGS Mock Election, contributing to the school’s student-led publication.

Volunteering saw students engage in various community activities, from quizzes at Guildford House to charity shop work and a piano recital for Abbot’s Hospital residents.

The First Form boys navigated London, solving clues and learning about landmarks with the help of staff who shared their favourite spots and historical insights.

Second Form students created silent movies with professional guidance, showcasing imaginative stories and culminating in an awards ceremony for the best House production. Nettles came out on top.

The Third Form Expedition involved a two-day trek at Devils Punch Bowl, where students demonstrated resilience and teamwork, overcoming typical expedition challenges.

Lastly, the Third Form Watersports group enjoyed activities like sailing, kayaking, and paddleboarding at Queen Mary’s Reservoir.