About Our School

We are proud to be an integral part of our local community which is home to many boys from all walks of life from 3 years old through to 18. Our task is then to create something extraordinary out of them – something distinctive, something worthwhile for themselves and for society, whether it is a simple greeting to a member of staff, holding a door open, or volunteering in a local care home.

The vital point for us at the RGS is this: What’s best for our boys?  What do we do in order to help a boy become someone who will make a discernible difference?  One of the most important is that we encourage a climate of openness and awareness, based on mutual respect, rather than instruction and obedience based on authority.  From the Prep School onwards, we foster an academic boldness that is the prerequisite to curiosity and creativity – an insistence on how to think, not what to think.  This is at the very heart of the RGS ethos.

Our 500-year tradition and heritage, impressive as it is, is nothing if not a catapult for innovation and modern-mindedness.  In this climate of forward-thinking, attitudes and passions are formed that suit the future.  To foster these to the utmost, we have all the facilities you would expect from a school of our standing, and many more that you would not expect to find.

Our strong academic performance is the result of many factors.  Firstly, we have inspiring, passionate teachers.  Secondly, our collaborative culture is central to fostering a supportive, positive mindset throughout all aspects of school life. Thirdly, the breadth of our activities – sports of all kinds, art, drama, music – promote success in academic performance.  Why?  It’s all about confidence.  Experiencing many things gives a boy the opportunity to find something he is good at and enjoys.  Trying hard and doing well become a habit.  Everything we do helps us become better at everything we do.

There are no ivory towers.  What is achieved in our school happens in the midst of a thriving town, exposed to the elements of reality.  One aspect of this is the many joint activities with the local girls’ schools.  We are an all-boys school where life is by no means all boys.  We learn to think for ourselves, we learn to express ourselves, but also we learn to navigate, to dress for the weather.  Here, responsibility and a sense of purpose are two sides of the same coin.

This is how our boys grow.  This is how you, the parents, can watch the truly remarkable transformation from a young lad with a conker in his coat pocket to a young man heading to university with confidence, self-belief and, of course, a ready smile. Boys from all walks of life developing into extraordinary young men.

Where next?